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Uighur Muslims Condemn China Knife Attack


Uighur Muslims have vehemently condemned Saturday’s attacks on a Chinese train station which left dozens killed and injured, amid accusations that point fingers at the persecuted Uighur Muslims in far western China district of Xinjiang.

There was “no justification for attacks on civilians,” said Dilshat Raxit of the exiled World Uyghur Congress in an emailed statement cited by Agence France Presse (AFP) on Sunday, March 2.

The Uighur activist added that the discriminatory and repressive policies provoked “extreme measures” in response.

In an unprecedented attack in China’s southwest Kunming city, a knife-wielding assault has left at least 33 people killed and more than 140 injured at a train station.

According to the official Xinhua news agency, authorities have described the incident as an “organized, premeditated violent terrorist attack”.

“A group of men carrying weapons burst into the train station plaza and the ticket hall, stabbing whoever they saw,” Xinhua said.

Chinese authorities rushed to blame Xinjiang people for the attacks that precedes Beijing’s annual meeting of the National People’s Congress that will tackle the soaring tension among China’s ethnic groups.

“Evidence at the crime scene showed that the Kunming Railway Station terrorist attack was carried out by Xinjiang separatist forces,” the official news agency said citing Kunming government.

Sending condolences to the victims and their families, President Xi Jinping has called for all-out efforts to punish the perpetrators vowing crackdown on terror activities, Xinhua reported.

“Severely punish in accordance with the law the violent terrorists and resolutely crack down on those who have been swollen with arrogance,” the president was quoted by Xinhua

The 33 dead included five attackers who were shot by the police, another was arrested while the police haunt continue for the rest.

Victims, who couldn’t flee the rampage, said that the assailants were dressed in black.

“I saw a person come straight at me with a long knife and I ran away with everyone,” Yang Haifei, who was wounded in the chest and back, told Xinhua.

for pictures of Attack : Click here


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