Muslims Conditions Around The World

We observe the conditions of Muslims around the world and we bring ypu the right news about them, we do activities around the world to to raise awareness of Muslims toward their brethren oppressed ones.

Ramadan in Japan

Like all the muslims around the world , Japanese muslims spend Ramadan in highly exciting atmosphere , and challenging each others in gaining rewards (hasanat/Ajr) by doing sunnet and what MUHAMMAD (PBUH) said before . 100 thousand muslims lives in Japan , most of them taking place in capital city Tokyo , and they meet often in the mosque “Turkia” which has build by Turkey support.

 In every summer school , the Japanese muslims send their children to islamic culture center , to teach them islam and Qur’an , which take place near to “Turkia” Mosque.

Thnaks Allah for Islam’s blessing


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