Muslims Conditions Around The World

We observe the conditions of Muslims around the world and we bring ypu the right news about them, we do activities around the world to to raise awareness of Muslims toward their brethren oppressed ones.

For Arakan – Burma

From IHH who sent the first donations to Arakan state

article about their convey to Arakan state :

IHH Online Donation



Donations from Qatar foundation

link :


BROUK today called on the international community to protect Rohingya people immediately. During the last two days, BROUK has received the following information from the ground;

1. In Buthidaung Jail 43 dead bodies of Rohingya Muslims were buried in a mass grave near the jail’s fencing on the 24th of July they were tortured jointly by the Rakhine and jail’s authorities. There are over 500 Rohingya prisoners arrested from Maung Daw and Buthidaung recently. BROUK received reports that most of them have been tortured, leaving without food and drink which leading to death.

Press Release on Latest Situation of Rohingya 26july2012


From this source :

collect are for refugees in the Arakan State of Myanmar (Burma).

I am currently in Bangkok, Thailand and attempting to raise donations for the refugee camps that have been establised by the Myanmar government after attrocities committed against the Muslim Rohingya citizens of it’s own country. They are a trapped culture of people that are inside a country which wants to remove them but with no out-let. There are no sympathetic neighboring states to receive them. Illegally border crossing into Bangladesh leaves them helpless against public robbery and dishonor since they are unwelcome and no laws protect them. Thailand has admitted to placing large amounts of these refugees that have crossed their border onto over-loaded boats with food and water and setting it adrift.

Yes, I plan to photograph and capture what I can to show the reality of this matter. I would like to have the ability along the way to contribute to their survival and distribute donations in the form of food, clothes, and medical supplies. All the above can be purchased very cheaply in Mynamar at local shops.

I am traveling with a Muslim woman that feels very strongly about assisting these trapped people and will ensure the supplies we purchase are placed directly into the proper hands of those that will utilize them.

The Impact

I will be photographing the reality and all that contribute will have access to the work I complete.

Source :

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word. Research. Understand the situation and know it’s going on. That alone makes a difference.



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