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Massacres of Arakan’s Muslims between the reality and the imagination .. the full report !

What a misery and what a suffering and what a tragedy suffered by Muslims in Burma ..?! صورة what a  war and what a genocide practiced against our Muslim there ..?! صورة

and what an ignorance and what a negligence from us we the Muslims on what is going on there?

225 years is the age of persecution and abuse, which has forced on Muslims in Burma to live under it ..

225-year-old screaming with not listener to them ..

225 years old and they are crying out but no one answered for them ..

225 years old and they are suffring but no one care about them ..

225 years we are in deff and our eyes blind to the truth, also our hearts get enjoyed of what we had .. Our tongues shout down even in pray for them ..

they are the victim of a died nation, sapped, weakened, overlooked, slept ..

They stopped to work with their religion .. Sapped of carrying its duty .. Weakened for repelling the aggression directed against it .. Overlooked by the means of its strength .. And slept after having lost all her feelings,so that no pain disturb it nor cry freak it out ..

likewhise our nation’s condition saying “Lets us be with the laggards,” and worse thing is that we do not find anyone sitting down to sit with him .. All Nations in the wake , working for themselves .. The Muslims of Burma hereditarying doom Pharaonic generation after generation .. What the Muslims’s fault is they kept saying: “Our Lord is Allah” .. So that their land turned into a groove of hell, who did not fade his fire 225 years ago.

here in this report, whatever we describe about the Bourma’s tragedy, we cannot cover all the events, and actions as well, because the kill machine is daily working , and their suffer daily became bigger and bigger … Learn more 

In the year 1824 Burma was occupied by the British , and annexd to the British colonial government of India. In 1937 has made Britain Burma colony with Arakan independent from the Government of India as the rest of colonial British Empire colonies in then, and I knew the government of British Burma.The population of Burma differs from where ethnic and linguistic installation because of the multiplicity of constituent elements of the state, most of its population speaks the language is called the Burmanian these (Burman), and the rest of the population speak multiple languages, multiple groups and between groups (staff), and live in the southern part of the heights of staff of  Waingmaw Burma groups spreading Islam between these groups. The ethnic origins of the population of Burma current elements to Mughal who migrated to the country since thousands of years. Those elements mixed with the other ethnic groups, including Indonesian and Indian.

Burma is boredred by china from the north eastern , and by India ana Bangladesh from the north west and shares its boundaries with all of Laos and Thailand , while its southern boundaries are coasts overlooking the bay of bengal and the indian ocean and the arm extends from Burma to the south-east

in the Malay Peninsula

Burma’s population is estimated according to UN estimates in 2007 to 48,798,000 inhabitants and an area of 680 thousand km 2.

Religions… there in Burma lots of religions, but more residents convert to Buddhism,and a minority convert to Islam who are concentrated in the north on the border with India. The number of Muslims to about 10 million people or about 20% of the population of Burma. And mostly concentrated in Arakan the territory occupied by the Burmese in 1784.

Islam in Burma … Islam arrived to Burma in the second Hijri century, in the year 172, – the eighth century in the year 788  – by Arab traders who arrived in Port Akiab capital of Arakan in the reign of Caliph Harun al-Rashid – may God have mercy to him – so Islam spread in it and besides, and the income of people in the religion of Allah in crowds, happy greeting this great religion which brought them out of the darkness of ignorance and disbelief to the light of Islam and faith. That the Islamic state long at the hands of Sultan Suleiman Shah, and lasted nearly three centuries and a half approximatly from the year 1430 to year 1784, took the verdict Forty-eight king granted, respectively, and most recently King Salim Shah, who widened the scope of the Kingdom of Arakan in the custody and even included some of the neighboring countries .

In 1406 , the king of arakan (naramkhalh ) refuges to Ilyas Chahi , the muslim king of bengal called now Bengladesh , after the raid of Burma’s Buddhist king on the territory of Arakan and occuption , then Nramakhalh converted to ISLAM after living 24 years with the king of Bengal . In colloboration with the king of Bengal , naramkhalh , succed in 1420 to enter to Anakan territories and expulsion of the Buddhist King , the they estabilish and Islamic Kingdom there under his leadership .A magazine ” AL BAYAN ” quoted , in Ramadan 1411 , from Muhammad Zakaria, who was the commanding general of the Mujahideen of the Islamic movement in Arakan, and was a lecturer at the University of Burma his said : Early in 1420 , 15000 Muslim Mujahid from the area of Ghazni in Afghanistan entred to our country and established there a muslim kingdom . and he add in his speech that the new kingdom imposed Persian language , and their leverage continued until 1784 . and in the occasion of speaking on ARAKAN we recall some infromations about it .

Information of the Arakan Located (Arakan) south west of Burma on the border with Bangladesh. With an area of 20 thousand square miles, bordered on west of the Bay of Bengal, who was called historical (Lake Arabs) and then changed its name. It is bounded on north Bangladesh, along the 171 miles, to the east the mountains of Arakan, which is considered a watershed between invading Arakan State, Burma. The number of inhabitants of Arakan to 4 million of whom 70% are Muslims, according to what came in the magazine the statement Ramadan 1411. And called on the inhabitants of Arakan (Rohingyas) is taken from the (Rouhing ) Old Name Arakan, known as Arakanian on Islam in the first century of the migration of the prophet – Allah bless him-, with the advent of the Muslim Arab traders to the country, these traders of the credit goes after God Almighty in the dissemination of Islam.But novels recalls the Arab traders were passing by Arakan even before Islam; because through their trades, Arab relations began with some local residents since that period, and in the fourteenth century and even nineteenth other nationalities started non-Arab delegations to Arakan,Such as Bengal ,Patan , Magarian , Mongols, Persians, thus mixing embraced Arakanian Islam until tomorrow Islam the majority religion in the fifteenth century A.D.On the eve of independence when the government tried to appoint new Burmese Prime Minister included ministers of Muslims to the appointment of (12) members of a Muslim in the Parliament. Muslims thought that this means opening new page away from the persecution and genocide.But quickly faded hope; to ignore Buddhist President rights of Muslims, where they announced that the name of Burma is derived from (the Buddha), and therefore are Buddhists, only,And Muslims that they want to stay with them to change characters Koran to Burmese characters and exchange Muslims, Buddhists, marriage, and that the Muslims named Buddhist names, raises legitimate women girls take off their veils, briefly they wanted Muslim personal assimilation there.

Muslim attitude from the British colonialists

Muslims faced the english colonialism violently , the thing taht make Britain fear them , and here she begans her compain to get rid of the muslim’s power by entering division between the different religions in this country to disperse their unity and implant hostility between them as usual in its policies known ( divide and rule ) and so she succed in igniting war between Muslims and Buddhists . And these plots represented in several aspects of abused by Britain to the Muslims whatever abuse, including: 1 – the expulsion of Muslims from their jobs and bring Buddhists in their place. 2 – the confiscation of their property and distributed to the Buddhists. 3 – the involvement of Muslims, especially their leaders imprisoned or exiled in oside the home. 4 – incitement buddhists against muslims and extend arms to the buddhists until they inflict muslims in massacre at 1942 ,they distruct 10.000 muslims in Arakan 5 – Close institutes, schools, courts and blown up with explosives.

Beginning of suffering of Muslims in Burma …
the suffering started at the hands of the Portuguese colonists in the 14 century AD ..And in 1784 began the story of injustice and oppression at its peak when the Buddhism King ‘Buda Baya’ occupied Arakan and annexed to Burma for fear of the spread of Islam in the region, and he ravaged in the land of corruptions .

Thus began the story of the suffering of an entire people from the Muslims, with the bloody story that preceded the major cause of our nation (Palestine) .. But there is great difference between the two issues in the international media with the suffering of Muslims in Burma was more and more painfull .. the Buddhist had destroyed many of the effects of Islamic like mosques, schools, religion places .. and killing scholars and preachers, and they got free access in the persecution of Muslims and looting their fortunes, they wring its families the most torment, and pulled them the harshest types of injustice and cruelty, and and they buried all about Islam or the impact of civilization, and burned their homes and farms, and families in which many Muslims Arakanian, and used them as slaves, and slaves mocked for their work of building temples and plowing the land free of charges.

And the suffering continued  until the caming of British colonialism in 1824 and annexed Arakan to the  Indian Government of British colonial  for a 100 years, then in 1937 the British made​​ Burma with Arakan colony independent from the Government of British India colonial like the rest of its colonies in the Empire at the time, and it known by the British government of Burma.

In 1942 ,the buddhists (mag) commit a huge massacre against muslims after the acquisition of arms and supplies by the Burmian Buddhists and colonists, and others, which claimed the lives of more than one hundred thousand Muslims, mostly women, elderly and children, and displaced hundreds of thousands outside the country, and the severity of cruelty and horror let people still -especially older people- remember the tragedies so far, and the date of it.

In 1947 while the independence of Burma, a conference in the Burmese city (Peng Long) held in preparation for independence,all classes and ethnic groups was invited except Muslims (Rohingya) to keep them away from the course of events and the self-determination, until the date of 4 January 1948, when Britain awarded independence to Burma, provided that granted independence by all ethnic groups after ten years, if they want to.

Once Burmanian received independence they broke their promises , as they continue to tighten their grip on the Arakan, and they practice horrible massacres against the Muslims, ignoring the rights of residents of Arakan Muslims historical, religious, cultural, geographic, linguistic,and ethnic, and still – to this day – some of the effects of its mosques and schools and its ligaments tells the glorious exploits of its glory .. And between 1942 to 2000, practiced against Arakan’s Muslims 19 disinfectant campaign and mass killings. statement can not be described, claimed the lives of tens of thousands of defenseless Muslims .. Mostly women and children and the elderly.

The campaigns of mass displacement and displacement to the unknown fate number reach to 6 organized campaigns started in 1962 and go on until 1991, through those compaigns nearly a million and a half Muslims have been displaced outside their home, and so hardly arakanian cannot even pick their breath from the plight until another one start over , and the oppression continued and injustice and the abolition of rights and citizenship gradually to this day ..
Mass displacement was over 4 stages: first in 1938 during the British occupation.
And the second: in 1948 with the beginning of the Burmese occupation.
The third in 1978.
And last: 1991.

The last massacre of Arakan had a beginning and cause to be happend :

the begining fabricated:

Magian baptized to monitor the movements of the Muslims in the Buddhism town ‘Ngoc’ ,(to take revange of having muslims huge vote while the Burmian elections, and place in parlement too) where there isn’t any Muslims, and located on the road to the capital ‘Rangoon’ .. by faith a bus carrying a group of muslim scholars and preachers ,8 of them from the capital of Burma ‘Rangoon’ and 2 from the capital of Arakan ‘ICAP – Sittwe’ and when they arrived to the town (Ngoc), they stoped to take some rest ,but they got attacked by a group of buddhists (mag), so the muslim scholars fled to bus running to save their lifes but they got followed by wide range of motorcycles and sent them back .. so a horrible tragedy and massacre did happend and nearly 300 of buddhist (mag) hatered participated on the beat and kill of those muslims scholars .. In the form of non-existent of all the meanings of humanity ..

And who noticed the images , can be fully aware of these preachers – may Allah give them mercy – have been their hands and legs tied .. Then they had been beated by them all beat with sticks on their faces and their heads .. God only knows how many they had suffered from pain before they get their soul out their lives ..

Naive justification of the massacre:

And to raise sedition and create a good position for the heinous that Mag did, they claimed to have done so because they took revange for the killing of Buddhist girl ,claiming that a Muslim raped her and killed her .. And promoted this by this photo:

And that they suspected these preachers that they did it! and they got killed by their reaction and for retaliation from the Muslims ..

Who is going to believe this Lie ?

Note that the incident of the girl .. if they were right about it .. Has occurred in the town – as stated above – the presence of Muslims is so rare ..

These preachers are not originally from that town, but rather they passing by it and they were returning from a tour of preaching .. And before that they are native citizens and from the capital Rangoon! And just 2 of them from the provinces of Arakan or Rakhine, And they speak the language of mag fluently and they are elderly Alahm has gray hair and beards on their faces .. But their excuse is uglier than their sin!!

An Overview of the crimes committed against Muslils in Burma


4 comments on “Massacres of Arakan’s Muslims between the reality and the imagination .. the full report !

  1. james
    August 5, 2012

    the vatican ties together all the nations evil… take out the kernel and the rest will fall.

  2. emy
    August 14, 2012

    allah akbar,one thing to say im muslim and islam came for peace and love among each other as every one who hate muslim for no reasone but being muslim have u ever try been hurt by them? or have u ever heard that muslim country or one muslim hurt or kill hidousi or christian because of his believes ?shame on me and shame one everyone who could have tried to help those weak people and didnt .allh with us if we deserve because if we left them just like this our turne will come one day .alla be with them he is more mercy and they r his lovers .

  3. katarzyna rochowicz
    March 10, 2013

    may Allah protect them, give them justice give them relieve from such suffering, May Allah give them peace and security and give them rest from such injustice as Allah is All Just All Merciful, He is the protector Oh Allah help our brothers and sisters, woman,eldearly and children and all vulnerable

  4. Isaac
    July 31, 2013

    May Allah raise people that are much stronger the massacres who will come into their aid and defence and totally annihilate them.Ameen.

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