Muslims Conditions Around The World

We observe the conditions of Muslims around the world and we bring ypu the right news about them, we do activities around the world to to raise awareness of Muslims toward their brethren oppressed ones.

China’s Hanification of East Turkestan: Failing? -By Habib Siddiqui

On Saturday, Mar. 1, more than 10 assailants slashed scores of people with knives at the Kunming train station in Yunnan province in southern China in what state media said … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka: Muslims suffer amid Tiger-army fighting

By Fahad Ansari Crescent MaY 2009 This month, the world may witness the final chapter in the 25-year-old conflict between the Sri Lankan army and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil … Continue reading

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Uighur Muslims Condemn China Knife Attack

  Uighur Muslims have vehemently condemned Saturday’s attacks on a Chinese train station which left dozens killed and injured, amid accusations that point fingers at the persecuted Uighur Muslims in … Continue reading

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Aussies Buy Indonesia’s Halal Certificates

Indonesia’s top Muslim body has come under criticism after facing accusations of getting bribes from Australian halal certification companies, a charge vehemently denied by Indonesian scholars. “It’s common knowledge in … Continue reading

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Ethnic Profiling, Nigeria’s Looming Crisis

Concerned by the recent arrests targeting northern Nigerians, analysts and Muslim leaders have warned that the security agencies moves in Nigeria’s south were threatening radicalizing more northern young Muslims who … Continue reading

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Uganda Muslims Laud Anti-Gay Bill

  Uganda Muslims have welcomed the decision of President Yoweri Museveni to back an anti-gay bill that imposes life sentences for some homosexual acts, risking ties between western donors and … Continue reading

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Filipino Poor Muslims Aid Typhoon Survivors

Defying their poverty and dire need, Muslims in Marawi City in Mindanao have been campaigning to raise funds and aid to the Yolanda typhoon stricken areas in the Visayas. It … Continue reading

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Angola Bans Islam, Destroys Mosques

According to several Angolan newspapers, Angola has become the first country in the world to ban Islam and Muslims, taking first measures by destroying mosques in the country. “The process … Continue reading

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India’s Narendra Modi uses a rich heritage as political camouflage

AHMEDABAD, India — When the renowned French architect Le Corbusier came to this city in western India in 1951, he was so awestruck by the Sarkhej Roza, an Islamic monument on … Continue reading

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“Democratization in Myanmar hampered by anti-Muslim discrimination”

JTW Interview, Prof. Dr. Selçuk Çolakoğlu Dr. Selçuk Çolakoğlu, Director of USAK Center for Asia-Pacific Studies, sat down for an interview about the grave conditions surrounding the Muslim population in … Continue reading

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Myanmar’s infant mortality woes

MAE SOT (NORTHWESTERN THAILAND), 15 November 2013 (IRIN) – A donor-funded clinic in northwestern Thailand is helping save the lives of underweight babies born to impoverished Burmese mothers who have … Continue reading

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Police cruelly beaten up an 8 years old child in oo shin kya village Under Maung Daw

 A youth from Oo shin kya village report that the police group about whom I mentioned in my earlier report “police harassment in Maung daw northern Aarkan”, was mercilessly beaten … Continue reading

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Turkey Allows Hijab In Bar Association

Marking another victory for hijab in Turkey, a supreme court has reversed a headscarf ban for female lawyers, granting them the right to register at the Turkey Bar Association (TBB) … Continue reading

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Refugees in Bulgaria face death threats

This is not the safe heaven Ali was expecting. Chased from his hometown of Aleppo by the horrors of the Syrian civil war, he and his extended family of 17 … Continue reading

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The Arab Influence on the Italian Renaissance

Beetle Juice, anyone? Since much of it happened by way of southern Italy, I think I can justify sneaking it in, here. This is an early-15th-century Persian copy of the … Continue reading

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Martyrdom bombing kills and wounds over 40 Russians in Muslim Idel Ural

The bombing took place in the Russian-occupied Muslim city of Sari Chin (Russian name, Volgograd, or Stalingrad) in Idel Ural, which was officially recognized as an oppressed independent country in a US … Continue reading

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Muslim pupils, 14, banned from the classroom at Catholic school for refusing to shave off their beards after claiming their religion forbids it

Students have been in ‘isolation’ at Lancashire school for almost a month The school has said the pupils, both 14, are breaching the dress code Families say the boys are … Continue reading

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Quran Translation Banned By Russian Court; Top Islamic Cleric Ravil Gainutdin Protests ‘Outrageous’ Order

MOSCOW — Russia’s top Islamic cleric has protested a provincial court order to declare a translation of the Quran as extremist and to destroy it. Ravil Gainutdin, the head of … Continue reading

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Life and death in Aleppo (PHOTOS)

Friday, September 7th, 2012 ALEPPO, Syria — Earlier this week, I was filming a feature on life on the frontlines of Aleppo, Syria. I was camping out with the men … Continue reading

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#SaveMaryam Campaign | Why ?

Up to 2 million people are walking away from Islam in Indonesia every year. Detachment and disillusionment has left them feeling that Islam is out of touch with the lives … Continue reading

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Muslims Killing in Burma and Social Media Manipulating Images

In now a days people are posting pictures with captions like Muslims killing in Burma, Muslims slaughter by Buddhists in Burma.. I have search reality of few pics and found following: A picture shared … Continue reading

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Massacres of Arakan’s Muslims between the reality and the imagination .. the full report !

What a misery and what a suffering and what a tragedy suffered by Muslims in Burma ..?! what a  war and what a genocide practiced against our Muslim there ..?! … Continue reading

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More than 200 Asylum-Seeking Uyghurs Detained in Thailand

More than 200 Uyghurs are being held at an immigration center near Thailand’s southern city of Hat Yai’s international airport after they were detained in a secret camp in a … Continue reading

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Chicago Muslims Welcome Arrests of Vandal

A leading Chicago Muslim organization has welcomed the arrest of a woman who vandalized 21 houses of worship throughout Lake County during the span of one week, the attacks which … Continue reading

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